Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our team is formed of strategic professional with passion to be friend, support and motivate the world’s most precious gift - Our Teens. A team of knowledgeable individuals with great experience and expertise combined with passion for the future generation.


An advocate for education and character, has a great blend of career and personal experiences. Worked in both private and public endeavours, including banking, education, business development, youth justice and management. Alice is a Parent-Teen  relationship expert, a consultant, speaker with great passion for teens; delivering valuable substance on character development that will enable the future generation to thrive and embrace the world that awaits them.


An expert of International Security Peace and Conflict Resolution expert who has great principles and responsive to mentoring youth. Sam has several years of experience motivating students transitioning from Primary school to secondary  school phase. He also mentors students in the university . He serves on the boards of many notable charities. Gifted with Planning skill, goal setting with young people. He has received recognition award for his contributions in motivating student to stay in Education, Training and employment, reducing the level of drop outs and encouraging young people that there is no such thing as failure.


A zealous educator, parent of teens and youth leader who bring changes to the lives of young people, boosting their self worth through goal orientation .Lara is a researcher in a variety of fields including psychology.

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