Its been said that parent’s advice stays with their children forever.

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Parenting effective communication tips

Communication is an essential ingredient in all relationships and it is a big thing for teens. They want to feel heard and understood, this cannot be overemphasize as they want to be sure that they are relevant and listened to. The following tips is aimed to improve communication between parents and their young people

Be an Active listener:

Listening is one of the barriers to effective communication. This is more than simply hearing and agreeing to whatever a young person says, it is actively hearing and understanding her point of view. Without interrupting, thinking about what to say next or asking questions that may break her train of thought.

* Give your child your full attention- Remove all distractions

* Allow your child to finish her sentences

* Maintain eye contact with your child and be close when she is speaking

* Focus on what she is saying and show that you understood by nodding and commenting appropriately, not interrupting but by simple remark e.g Great, I see, terrific, and so on

* You don’t have to agree to everything she says but this will show that you respect her views.

*Active listening is a vital tool to avoid misunderstanding

Communicating and listening effectively will strengthen your relationship. It will enable you learn and understand more about what’s going on in your child’s life. Be an active listener as this makes it easy to communicate with you. It takes the pressure off the speaker, resolve problems effortlessly without having to talk too much or over-stressed.

Your teens will always want to seek your views when they know that you will listen.

It improves their thinking process and enables them to clarify their thoughts

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