Structured youth engagement programs


 Structured youth engagement programmes

Our structured youth engagement programme aims to equip young people with adequate tools and confidence to positively respond to challenges that may come their way.

An interactive programme designed to equip young people with useful, valuable tools and strategies needed to maintain healthy connections and boundaries.
Teens/teenagers will engage in series of activities that will help them deal with challenging situations and learn better ways to cope and deal with conflicts. Learn various techniques that will help them avoid offending behaviour, gain confidence to make good choices and resilience 

At ReflecTeen we understand that youth challenging behaviour span both gender, family structure and environmental risk factors. Many parents find it a taboo to speak up or seek help when their young people begin to exhibit challenging behaviour.

We work preventatively to steer young people from becoming perpetrators as well as victims. We believe that giving the right tools and core strategies it is possible to eliminate the likelihood and risk of offending amongst our youth.
Our bespoke life-transforming workshops, youth-led prevention programmes, mentoring and family crisis support services have proved to help rebuild the lives of at risk young people. We equip teens and parents with positive tools that will help them resolve and repair family conflicts.
Our aim is to steer our youth away from violence and offending behaviour while increasing aspiration and self-worth. Our youth crime prevention programme has been highly resourceful to young people who are at risk of offending and also suitable to reduce reoffending. We provide tailor-made support programme for marginalised young people to restore their confidence and life chances by engaging them in our mentoring programme which has proved to shape and compass them to be responsible citizens.

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