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Like it or not, your parents are the leaders of the family. Though it is inherent that you want to be more self-reliant, independent and communicative. This period can be challenging for parents to get used to, hence the need to effectively contribute to maintaining a formidable and cordial relationship. 

Tips on how to work things out with your Parent

The following strategies will help you build and maintain a good relationship:

· Respect - It is inevitable to maintain a good level of respect with your parent, even when you are at a conflict point or disagree with your parent

· Be an active Listener- This will help you avoid misunderstanding

· Speak in a calmly manner- Don’t be judgmental, be sure that your parent have your best interest at heart

· Optimism- don't get carried away with challenges or negative thinking

· Choose the best responses- be constructive

· Team building- Communicate with the view that you and your parents are one team. The more you communicate with your parent the more they are able to see your point of view and respect  your individuality. This will ultimately improve your relationship.

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