Positive role models . support and guidance for all disadvantaged young peopleareas to help you develop and progress in any area of life.

Mentoring scheme

Our mentoring scheme provides young people ages 8 to 18 with tailored support that aims to increase their self esteem, navigate their identity, and build confidence through one to one mentoring sessions in an informal setting. We work flexibly based on individual child's need as children and young people are the main focus of our project.

Our mentors work as hand holders for young people from migrant families, help young people develop a positive view to life, provide positive adult role modelling and act as cultural navigators.

If you would like to find out more about our mentoring scheme, please contact us on 01619008083 or email:

Find a mentor

Are you a young person age 8 - 18years? do you need help organising your day-today work or achieving your full potentials? Do you have a passionate adult who can help you learn a new skill or gain a certain kind of knowledge?.

We can help you bring your dream into reality by holding your hands through, learn a certain skill or gain a knowledge. Simply fill out the form here and we will match you with a mentor.

You can achieve whatever you desire!


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