Practical support & Foodbank

Our team of volunteers stepped up to help our community throughout the pandemic from distributing culturally appropriate food parcels, to personal hygiene products, masks, sanitisers to hosting virtual webinars on staying safe at home, hosting online fitness and exercise classes, wellbeing talks, vaccinations awareness and educational support programmes.

We set in place comprehensive wellbeing programme that seeks to support the mental wellbeing of young people and their families by meeting their ongoing needs at the earliest stage while monitoring the impact. Our interventions includes:

  • Mental wellbeing programmes
  • Living Life to the full course.
  • Nature active programme
  • Access to educational support for young people who have missed out on education.
  • Transition support for those to going from primary to secondary school and college.
  • Support to mitigate the consequences of unemployment and financial challenges through our Skills for Employment programme.
  • Specialist mentoring support for those with experience of domestic violence.
  • We provided various support and outcomes through a wider community approach.

Though the lockdown restrictions are now lifted the full impact of Covid-19 pandemic is complex and not yet fully understood. Our team is therefore committed to providing emergency support for people who maybe struggling and signpost to local foodbanks.

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