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Supporting parents to minimize barriers in seeking the help needed to prevent domestic violence, mental health issues and any other crisis.


Our preventative programmes helps young people experiencing multiple disadvantage and limited access to opportunities to minimize barriers to lead a more holistic, safer and fulfilling lives.

Targeted Programmes

Our structured youth engagement programme aims to equip young people with adequate tools and confidence to positively respond to challenges that may come their way.

At ReflecTeen, we pride ourselves in delivering high-impact and effective workshops, training and learning opportunities to young people, parents and those working with vulnerable children.

ReflecTeen Hub After School Provision gives young people an opportunity to connect with Youth Mentors in a safe and friendly environment. Sessions will help young people to experience increased self-esteem, build positive relationships, improve their social skills and self belief. Young people says that activities help them feel empowered, improve resilience, self worth and life prospect.

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