Pre Teens


Pre Teens

building positive relationships



Change could be a complex matter particularly for young pupil transitioning from primary school to secondary school. Bringing contention in both intellectual, social-emotional and relational sphere. As develops into High school stage, your tween social life tends towards wanting to spend more time with his peers. Research shows that high school students report they at this point develop a romantic relationship.  Hence, your tween may be pressured to have boyfriend or girlfriend especially if they are friends with people who already engage in such relationship.

It is however the critical role of a parent, guidance and mentor to develop trust with their young people in a way that will encourage open communication around Positive relationship, Emotional development, Abstinence, Dating, and Sex. Unfortunately, most parent are unwilling to discuss such matters with their young people.

The effect of which translate into poor social skills, poor academic performance, low self esteem, premature sexual activities, violence, depression and poor mental and physical health outcomes.  “Kate Fogarty says teens who feel warmth and support from parents experience more positive and secure friendships”

Teens who are able to control their impulses at this stage are  more able to concentrate with better academic achievement.

This is essential self control skill that is vitally useful to resist peer pressure, focus thinking, perseverance resulting to great achievement in life.

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